About Mango’s South Beach


“If you’re in South Beach area, and want some fun, Mango’s is a stop you have to make. The bartenders are amazing! Dance and party the night away. The tropical drinks are amazing…Definitely recommend…!”
-Richie R.
“The entire place is covered top to bottom in gorgeous artwork…there are live performances every couple of minutes that are super entertaining. We had a blast and it was only a Tuesday night!”
-Casandra M.
“A must go to if you visit South Beach. The food is amazing, the entertainment is great…all around wonderful atmosphere.”
-Brandi L
“Absolutely loved it! Great food, great dancers, great service…EXCELLENT customer service! Can’t wait to go back!”
-Karina H.
“One of the best places to go out and have a great time in Miami. I highly recommend this wonderful place.”
-Diamond A.
“It’s a Miami cornerstone and definitely worth a trip for a night out on the town. Highly recommended.”
-Ren D.
“Great atmosphere both day and evening. Didn’t even go to other clubs. We kept going to Mango’s our whole vacation.”
-Mary N.
“Great food, great service, great vibes. Definitely stop by here if ur in South Beach.”
-Gyan M.
“Such A Great Vibe, Great Bar Tenders, And Great Entertainment!It Was Definitely A MUST SEE IN MIAMI!”
“What more would you want to have fun in miami beach? Martinis and margaritas are top notch!”
-Vinicius S
“We stopped by for a drink and three hours later we were still there! Fantastic live shows…can’t wait to get back.”


Mango's Founder David Wallack smiling with some of the Mango's Performers


Mango’s Tropical Cafe in South Beach opened in 1991 as a destination for tourists and locals. We tantalize your taste buds with Caribbean and Latin cuisine and showcase our talented performers with world-renowned entertainment. After a good meal and an amazing show, enjoy a hand-made, specialty drink while taking in the ocean view right on the iconic Ocean Drive.


The continuous live performances all night at Mango’s take you on a journey throughout the Caribbean. From Salsa to Bachata and Reggae to Pop, our live band and world famous Mango’s Dancers, entertain over a million guests each year and have been televised on ABC, CBS, Travel Channel and many others! You will be surrounded by art, music, and dancing during an incredible night on Ocean Drive.


Three Mango's performers dressed in colorful dancing outfits posing on the main stage