Mango’s Tropical Cafe Orlando: Hottest Dinner Show in Orlando!

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Mango's Orlando Servers


Mango’s Tropical Cafe brings a bit of South Beach to Orlando! Great food, drinks, and entertainment jump starts rejuvenation of International Drive.


Things in Orlando are a lot hotter now that Mango’s Tropical Cafe has opened on International Drive! This restaurant/ dinner theater/ club has taken over Orlando as the newest and hottest spot to hit the stip in Orlando in quite some time! We spent some time in this new location to check out the food, atmosphere, drinks and yes the show itself! Let’s take a closer look into Orlando’s newest and hottest spot to see what sets Mango’s Tropical Cafe apart from the competition!


First off Mango’s Tropical Cafe is one of the most technologically and beautiful spots to open in Orlando in quite some time! The area is full of south beach flair and attitude from the time you walk into the front doors until the time you leave! Mangos is full with one of a kind artwork, high end furniture and massive bars on the two story restaurant! There will be a rooftop bar and lounge that will be opening in the near future to give you a great view of International Drive!

The food and drinks at Mango’s Tropical Cafe is more than enough to make this a top end destination when in Orlando! When I was there I had a good sampling of some of the drinks and food that this spot has to offer. I had some of the wings for starter (which were some of the best and most flavorful wings I have had in awhile) and the flank steak with rice and black beans. The steak was very tender and packed full of flavor while the chimichurri sauce gave it the garlic kick that I desired!

For drinks I had a variety of mojitos in different flavors, as well as some signature drinks that were made with Pit Bull’s signature vodka, Voli! The mojitos I had were full of flavor and were strong! The signature drinks I had such as the Sympathy For The Devil and the “305” Cosmo were better than I expected and packed a punch! To check out a list of the food and drink menu, click here!

Now onto what sets Mango’s Tropical Cafe above the rest… the entertainment! There are two dinner shows nightly at Mangos that are unlike any other dinner show. There is no set beginning, middle or end so you can come and go as you want. The shows last about 2 hours long and repeat twice allowing you to come and leave when you want! The shows feature dancing, music, and costumes like you were on the beach at Miami!

Weaved into the typical show is some dancing and music that really excited me! Included in the show is a live band and singers who really get the crowd on their feet and dancing! The combination of music, dancing and singing really sets Mango’s Tropical Cafe as a top spot in the dinner theater category!

Michael Jackson Thriller Tribute Show


Overall, Mangos is a must do when either visiting or spending time here in Orlando. This a location which really has something for everyone! To learn more about Mango’s Tropical Cafe in Orlando or to book a reservation, click here or call (407) 673-4422!