Music superstar Pitbull hypes up Mango’s Tropical Cafe Orlando on I-Drive

Pitbull 1024x684 - Music superstar Pitbull hypes up Mango's Tropical Cafe Orlando on I-Drive

No offense to Mango’s Tropical Cafe COO Joshua Wallack, but there’s a new hype guy for International Drive’s latest nightlife venue.


“There’s no better place, beautiful women, great food and Voli shots all night. Bottom line, Mango’s is a great time, and Orlando, look out — dalé,” said Miami native and musician Armando Christian Perez, better known by his stage name, Pitbull, in a prepared statement.

That’s right, folks. That Pitbull, also known as Mr. Worldwide, said that.

Pitbull has been a frequent fan of Mango’s Tropical Cafe in Miami — see in the video below — and he’s expected to be a fan of Orlando’s version.

Mango’s Tropical Cafe Orlando is slated to open this summer, providing I-Drive guests and locals a new afternoon casual dining and evening entertainment and nightclub venue.

Wallack has said he hopes to have Pitbull or another prominent musician open the venue with a performance, but for now it’s expected he will frequent the Orlando location when his touring schedule allows. If successful, it would be safe to say that would be one of the biggest openings a venue has had on International Drive in years.

Another project Wallack is working on is the $300 million Skyplex project, which will bring the world’s tallest roller coaster, a drop tower ride, a zip line, shops and restaurants to I-Drive in 2017.

I wonder who Wallack will bring for that opening …


mangos orlando pitbull voli 1 300x188 - Music superstar Pitbull hypes up Mango's Tropical Cafe Orlando on I-Drive