Best Local Winter Events in Orlando

best local winter events in orlando - Best Local Winter Events in Orlando

Orlando is an excellent place for entertainment and family activities during the winter. This period of time provides a respite from the hot, muggy months of summer while still having temperate weather that allows for people to be outside and enjoy themselves.

For those looking for something different from the area’s popular theme parks, the Orlando area boasts a wealth of events for people of all ages. If you are looking for physical activity, a family adventure, high energy entertainment or relaxation, Orlando’s winter events are easy to find. Use this as a guide to finding some of the most popular things to do.


Orlando Tree Trek Adventure Park

For a thrilling adventure high up in the trees, check out Orlando Tree Trek Adventure Park. It offers special activities and courses for kids as well as obstacle courses for varying abilities, from beginner to advanced. Whether you are looking for a family adventure, for a break from Disney or you want something fun to do for a family reunion or workgroup, this is worth checking out.

Enjoy ziplining through the trees on a course that spans more than 400 feet. Take advantage of an obstacle course located high in the tree branches. Some of the features of the course include:

  • Rope swing just like Tarzan
  • Cross wobbly bridges suspended between trees
  • Jump into nets
  • Climb ladders
  • The balance on skateboards hanging from the trees
  • Go across swinging logs
  • Children get to participate in their own courses. These feature over 20 challenging and fun activities.

Revolution Off-Road

For those who want to enjoy nature differently, an off-road adventure may be the ticket. The Revolution Adventure Park is located on over 200 acres of countryside and yet remains close to other major Orlando attractions. This park is perfect for those who love the outdoors and enjoy exploring different trails and tracks.

Many visitors like to take advantage of the Polaris RZRs and ATVs, which takes riders through sandy tracks, muddy trails, small hills and grassy plains. Riders should plan on getting a bit dirty. Others love driving the Mucky Ducks, which are vehicles that can go on land and water.

While in the park, there are many pulse-racing activities to engage in. Some of these include archery, clay shooting, and fishing for bass on your own private lake. This off-road journey is perfect for team building as well as small and large groups. It is also a great alternative for a private party or even a wedding for an adventurous couple.


BK Adventure Eco-Tours

Water is all around in Florida, and Orlando is no exception. The BK Adventure Tours take guests on a variety of water tours. During the day, there are different kayaking tours. One has visitors paddle through a blackwater river to see unique wildlife and explore an ancient native forest. Another allows guests to experience seeing manatees and dolphins as they hang out in lagoons and coves.

For a really cool experience, take advantage of the bioluminescence tours, which explore some of the glowing waters in the area. For a romantic adventure, enjoy the sunset while kayaking in the vicinity of sea life such as dolphins and manatees. After the sun goes down, you can see glowing sea life underneath the surface.

One popular way to see the bioluminescent waters is via clear kayaking. This tour takes visitors to the Indian River Lagoon. The transparent kayaks allow guests to see even more of the sea life. At any time of the year, BK Adventure offers a bioluminescent kayaking tour using regular kayaks, and this is another popular way to see the waters.

Not a kayaking fan? Do not worry, as there is also an option for families or others who prefer a raft to an individual boat. Each raft can hold six to eight people, and the boat has a raft guide. Participants can see glowing, neon waters in comfort.

For those who prefer to pedal vs. paddle, this company also offers different biking tours. Take the mountain bike tour to explore miles of wilderness in the Little Big Econ State Forest. There is also a fat tire bike tour that takes guests along the Canaveral National Seashore.


Safari Wilderness Ranch

Families and animal lovers should check out Safari Wilderness Ranch. Unlike a theme park or zoo, there are no lines and guests can enjoy nature in all its glory. This activity is a nice change of pace from the hustle and bustle of other area attractions. Visitors can enjoy a variety of animals in an open vista environment that sports bay trees and cypress domes.

The ranch has over 250 acres of wilderness that hosts a wild, exotic game and grazing animals. Visitors may see African Watusi, Austrian horses, Irish cattle and endangered species. Guests can explore the area and learn about the habitat in a variety of ways, such as:

  • Horseback
  • Vehicle safaris
  • Kayaks
  • Camel expedition
  • Sunset safari

The Safari Wilderness also offers additional ways visitors can interact with animals. Guests can feed guinea pigs, ring-tailed lemurs, and budgies, which are long-tailed parrots. Only a small number of guests are allowed to accompany the caretakers during feeding time, and it is a unique and experience that is hard to forget.


Mango’s Tropical Cafe Shows

Sometimes Orlando visitors just want to sit back and enjoy, and when this happens, Mango’s Tropical Café is the place to go. This large venue offers a variety of options for guests.


Dinner and Show

Mango’s Dinner and Show is a popular event for families and people of all ages. Dine on three courses that feature items such as steak, Italian and seafood while you enjoy high energy entertainment.

Singers and dancers perform a variety of music styles, such as the conga, Brazilian samba, the 80s, hip-hop, and Latin beats. All this occurs in a fun atmosphere with magical costumes.



Once the kids have gone to bed, Mango’s becomes a premier nightclub. Along with hot beats, great energy, and cool cocktails, there are theme nights every week. These include:

  • Wednesdays – Ritmo: Enjoy salsa, merengue, reggaeton, and bachata music all night along with great drink specials.
  • Thursdays – Ladies Night Out: Grab your friends for a night of fun that includes a free glass of champagne or shot.
  • Fridays – Rumba Latina: Celebrate the week’s end and enjoy Latin music from a DJ as well as live performances.
  • Saturdays – Dance Party: A DJ rocks the house for a dance party that rivals those in Vegas.

For a Vegas-like experience, check out the Vodou Room on Friday and Saturday nights. Located on the second floor, this ultra lounge features top DJs, VIP hostesses, bottle service tables and a great dance floor.


Make a Reservation at Mango’s Tropical Cafe Today

No matter what events you attend or what activities you try in the Orlando area, Mango’s Tropical Café is a must-see. Whether taking the family to see an engaging show or dancing the night away with friends, the club provides a hot vibe and cool drinks. Whether you are celebrating something special like a bachelorette party or you want to treat the family to something different, Mango’s fits the bill.

If planning to go to dinner and show, it can fill up quickly. Contact Mango’s Tropical Cafe to make a reservation and have a great time.


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