World’s Tallest Roller Coaster Coming to Orlando

worlds tallest roller coaster coming to orlando - World’s Tallest Roller Coaster Coming to Orlando

The Orlando area is filled with entertainment and attractions for people of all ages and interests. When searching for Orlando summer events, there is no shortage of things to do. In fact, one visit is not even close to being enough time to experience everything there is to do. For thrill-seekers, an Orlando roller coaster is often on the list of things to partake in.

The good news for speed and height lovers is that the world’s tallest roller coaster is planning its debut in Orlando. Known as the Skyscraper, this coaster ride will hover high in the sky and provide thrills for those who dare to try it out.


Fun for Thrill Seekers

The plans for Skyscraper are still in the making, but what is known is that its design is not for the faint of heart. Currently, the highest roller coaster in the world is New Jersey’s Six Flags ‘Kingda Ka,’ and it tops off at 456 feet. The existing plans for Skyscraper have it at 570 feet, although there is an approval limit of up to 600 feet, so the final height maybe even more.

The plans for the roller coaster have approximately 5,200 feet of track snaking up a tall tower. As opposed to having a big drop to the ground, like many coasters, this journey takes riders down a series of drops, inversions, rolls, turns, and other elements. Rather than have a long chain of trains, there will be single-car trains that can fit up to eight people. Even the restraints are designed so they do not obstruct the view of the riders.

Along with being the tallest roller coaster in the world, the current plan for the Skyscraper will break other records as well. This includes having the highest inversion, as it occurs near the tallest height of the ride. It will also boast the world’s steepest drop at 123 degrees, breaking the current record of 121.5 degrees.

The support structure of the coaster includes an observation tower. This allows those who may not like the thrill of a roller coaster to look out over the area from a height of around 500 feet. However, anyone who has a bit of adventure should prepare to board this exciting and unique ride and experience breaking a variety of records.


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