Dancing With Your Food

Great Entertainment, fun dancing, and fantastic food are the best ingredients for an exciting and memorable night out, and that is exactly what you will find at “Mango’s Tropical Cafe” on world famous International Drive in Orlando and also on equally world famous Ocean Drive in South Beach, Florida. One of the “secret ingredients” found at “Mango’s Tropical Cafe” is Executive Chef Angel Ramirez, who has been a vital part of “Mango’s” kitchen for over seventeen years.

Chef Angel’s earliest culinary memories began at home, “I remember cooking with my mother and my grandmother, they were always in the kitchen making traditional Latin and Italian food, and they would tell me to help out getting the ingredients ready for this or that dish, and it really peaked my interest. They gave me a love for preparing food that has been with me my entire life.”



This early “hands on” approach has shaped his philosophy of how a kitchen works, “Hey, I lead my troops into battle every night, I stand side-by-side with them. On any given night, we can have over two thousand guests, and that means the kitchen has to work like a well-oiled machine… if a line cook doesn’t come in, I am the line cook, if a salad person can’t make it, I am the salad person. I believe that the Executive Chef has to lead by example, and help pick up the slack when it is necessary… your team has to know that you are as responsible to them as they are to you, and that is how you build trust in the kitchen.”



One of the things that Chef Angel has learned is that people enjoy surprises. “Throughout all my years at ‘Mango’s,’ our guests are always surprised when they come in and taste the food, because they think we are just a ‘club’ and expect to be served club food, but we are so much more. If you want ‘El Churrasco,’ you can get it, Italian food, Latin food, or even just a quick sandwich, you can have it all… we have a wide variety on the menu, something for everyone, and I guarantee you will like what you eat here.”



When asked what he loves best about being a chef, “watching my guests enjoy my creations” is his immediate response. “When you see all the empty plates come back to the kitchen, that’s something that makes you feel good inside, that you are doing something good for people… when a guest really enjoys their meal, you can see it in how they act, how they respond… once they start dancing with their food, you know you did something great!”

Whether visiting the South Beach or International Drive, Orlando, locations, “Mango’s Tropical Cafe” is not just a place to go, it is a destination. Live bands, dance performances, and great food all combine to create an epic experience that you will remember forever… and if you feel like dancing with your food, go right ahead, it is a great compliment to the Chef!


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